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 Kinetics Model IsoMax - Resilient Sound Isolation Clips

Low Cost, Space Saving Walls and Ceilings

Designers wanting low-cost, space-saving ceilings and walls that provide superior noise control employ KINETICS™ IsoMax resilient sound isolation clips. Offering significantly higher STC values than drywall attached to resilient channel, IsoMax ensures that installers will not inadvertently screw through the “resilient” leg of the channel into the joist or stud. This feature cannot be underestimated given the frequent, unknown occurrences where resilient channel is accidentally rendered ineffective because it is hard-attached.

The IsoMax Advantage:

  • Effective sound control at low installed cost
  • Error free installation of standard drywall furring channel
  • Low-profile design; maximizes available occupied space
  • Best performance for the fewest dollars spent to build noise control ceilings and walls
  • Exclusive UL design L583 offers 1-hour fire rating for typical wood-framed ceiling composites

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