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 Kinetics Model SR Floorboard - Sound Rated Floor System

Kinetics Model SR Floorboard is a unique sound underlayment material which substantially reduces sound transmission through hard surface floor systems. Acoustical Lab Ratings of IIC (Impact Insulation Class) 59 to 65 have been achieved in typical applications, compared with IIC-25 to 34 with conventional construction.
Model SR Floorboard is a new concept in the control of noise in condominiums, apartments, multifamily dwellings, commercial buildings, and other areas where footfall and impact noise can be the cause of occupant complaints.
SR Floorboard is a 5/8" (16 mm) thick composite of high density molded glass fibers separated by a rigid phenolic-treated honeycomb core and provides a system which is stiff enough to prevent grout cracking in tile floors while being soft enough to absorb impact loads.
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