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Floors - RIM

 Kinetics Model RIM - Roll-out Floor Isolation System

  • Proven effectiveness over the lifetime of an installation
  • Quick installation time
  • Constant System natural frequency
  • Flexible capacities allow design for any load; from light wood floors to heavy mechanical equipment rooms
  • When used in conjunction with ceiling and wall separation products, RIM is an essential component of “room-within-a-room” sound isolation construction
Kinetics Noise Control’s premier rollout system easily creates an airspace of 1 to 4 inches and incorporates a high-performance resilient decoupler. The isolation material with KIP isolators selected and spaced according to design criteria offers major advantages over other systems. Installation labor is substantially reduced, as it is easier to roll out batting with pre-spaced isolators versus measuring for and placing individual isolation mounts. This feature also ensures that the system will reach the high levels of expected performance. This system is designed to meet requirements for; load capacity, natural frequency/pad deflection, and acoustical performance.


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