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Kinetics Model LSM - Spring Lift Slab Concrete Floating Floor System



Lift slab floating floor systems that incorporate spring isolator assemblies to decouple concrete slabs from non-isolated structural floors are used where vibration and impact are critical and of greater concern than airborne noise transmission. 

Representative examples of projects that can justify the use of spring lift slab isolators are bowling alleys, weight rooms, gymnasiums, aerobic activities, and dance studios. Spring isolators also are incorporated into lift slab floors supporting sensitive measuring equipment in order to mitigate vibrations that could compromise performance. While the bulk of isolated slabs can be supported using fiberglass or neoprene pads, most often in formwork systems, spring-isolated lift slabs are needed for the most critical vibration and impact noise isolation requirements.


  • Fabricated, non-cast isolator housings permit flexible product and system design that maximizes application opportunities for any slab thickness, air cavity, and/or load options.
  • Spring isolator natural frequencies (fn) of 3.13 Hz for 1" rated deflection springs and 2.21 Hz for 2" rated deflection springs. Other rated deflection springs available.
  • In-field acoustical testing yielded results of FIIC 72, FSTC 61 for a vented (non-vented floors can yield higher FSTC values) floating floor.
  • Spring/neoprene cup combination improves performance against low-frequency noise.
  • Proven effective for vibration isolation applications ranging from floors for sensitive lab measuring equipment (e.g., metrology and surgical labs) to sports floors over retail/commercial spaces.

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