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 Create Quiet...Isolated Walls

High STC Walls

Noisy neighbors – a common complaint associated with condos, offices, patient rooms, and classrooms. Create quiet using these practical products for airborne noise control between adjacent spaces.

Kinetics Model IsoMax:

The easiest to install and only seismically rated drywall sound clip.

Kinetics Model Sound Damp2:

Add to drywall for improved STC.

Kinetics Model IsoBacker:

Don't let gang boxes ruin your quiet wall.

Kinetics Model UniBrace:

From garage door openers to soffits, the do-it-all solution for challenging isolation.

Control Sound Flanking

Don’t let hard-fastened partitions create flanking paths and degrade the performance of your carefully designed system. These products break the rigid connection preventing noise from traveling around your isolated ceiling/floor assemblies.

Top of Wall:

Kinetics Model Wallmat - For Studwall:

Kinetics Model IPRB - For Studwall or Masonry:

Base of Wall:

Kinetics Model Wallmat - For Studwall:

Kinetics Model KSM - For Studwall:

Kinetics Model PC-10/NAFP-10 - For Masonry:


Wall Braces - For Studwall or Masonry:


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