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Damper Hardware / Flex Duct Connectors

We stock a variety of DYNAIR products in our warehouse!

DYNAIR is a Canadian company manufacturing and distributing HVAC Duct Accessory Products. It is one of only five in North America.

DYNAIR has been in operation since 1987. DYNAIR designs, manufactures and distributes Duct Hardware and accessory products to the Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning industry, with particular emphasis on commercial-industrial requirements. Their special skills and expertise have been gained over a period of more than thirty-five years in the industry through their experienced personnel.


DYNAIR Products include Flexible Duct Connector, Damper Regulators, Air Turning Vane assembly system, Access Door Hardware, Insulation Fasteners, etc. 95% of which are produced in Canada.

Some of the items we regularly stock are:

  • LCPV-4-100       Vinylflex
  • CPV-4-100         Vinylflex
  • LCPN-8-100       Neoprene
  • CPN-4-100         Neoprene
  • DR-35                Dyn-O-Rail
  • DRS-25              Dial Regulator Sets
  • DWB-100           Weld-On Pins
  • QC-38R             3/8"  Quadrant Regulators
  • QC-50R             1/2"  Quadrant Regulators

We also have a miscellaneous stock of other DYNAIR hardware - come in & see if we have what you need!

And if we don't have what you're looking for, we can certainly order it in for you!

For further information please call us, or check out the DYNAIR website:


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